The prevention of cross infection in dentistry today is as imperative than ever to the personal safety to all that enter the practice. schülke’s dental hygiene products need to respond to these daily demands by constantly reviewing improved formulations, better material compatibility and a broader spectrum of cleaning and disinfection properties within the areas of Instruments, surfaces, hand care, special applications.


Prevents biofilm build up. Effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses (inc. HBV, HIV, HCV) in 30 minutes. Formulated and tested to ensure that foaming does not occur in the amalgam separator. Tested for daily use in a broad range of dental suction units. Cleans, disinfects and de-odorises = 3 actions in 1 product. Cost-effective: 2% concentration, makes 100 L in-use solution from a 2 L bottle.

terralin® liquid

Alcohol-based rapid disinfectant, containing no aldehydes. Ready-to-use. Rapid and effective in many applications. Dries rapidly, leaving no streaks

esemtan® hand wash

Deep cleansing, pH neutral, skin friendly wash lotion for regular use in clinical and medical environments where disinfection is required.

mikrozid® alcohol free wipes

Alcohol-free, dual action cleaner & disinfectant for alcohol sensitive surfaces. Alcohol free, making it ideal for all surfaces including dental chairs and alcohol sensitive materials. Added surfactants for boosted cleaning performance. Cleaning and disinfection, 2 complete actions with 1 product. Rapid 1 min contact time, making it ideal for use between patients. Quick drying.


High performance ready to use cleaning and disinfection solution developed for burs and other rotating instruments. Excellent material compatibility. Can be used in a static bath or for quicker results insert the rotasept bath into an ultrasonic bath.

gigasept® instru AF

High performance dual action liquid concentrate for cleaning and disinfection of dental instruments in holding solutions.



topdental universal oil spray

Highly effective lubrication for all high and slow speed dental rotary handpieces.Complex oil with silicone and anti-rust inhibitors.Anti-rusting agent prevents micro rust on inner bearings.High penetrative ability to ensure thorough coating of bearing surface.Each can contains a high volume pressure to provide maximum bearing rotation during oiling.Cans are to UN specification and compatible with Kavo, W&H, Bien Air etc. Oil nozzles.